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What You Should Do If You Are Laid Off From Your Job

In today’s society, it seems as if layoffs are increasing in popularity.  Lay offs are something that you can regularly hear about in the news.  As more businesses are forced to downsize, you may find yourself laid off from your current position. This layoff may be permanent or temporary; it often depends on the needs […]

The Rainbow of Career Choices

Anywhere a person looks, it is obvious that there is a wide selection of career choices in the world. Whether it’s a hands on position as an auto mechanic or sitting behind the desk of a cushy corner office, everyone has some idea of what an attractive livelihood consists of. However, while making a choice […]

To Ask for a Raise or To Not?

Are you currently satisfied with your job, but unhappy with the pay?  Do you need an increase in pay to support your family?  If you do, you may be interested in asking your supervisor about a raise.  If that is the case, you may want to continue reading on. A few of the many factors […]

Hot Careers Or Best Paid Careers? Which Will You Choose?

In finding a job after graduation, which will you consider? The best paid jobs or the hot jobs? Which is more important when you want a lifelong satisfaction and careers success? Actually, there is no best answer for this. The best job to choose depends on what your interests are. When you want a best […]

How to Get the Most From a Job Search Site

Have you been browsing a job search site lately?  Unfortunately many people are having to browse these sites lately, all looking for work in this very poor economy.  The competition for any jobs posted will of course be fierce, so it’s important to have any advantage in today’s market that you possibly can have.  While […]

The Social Media Job Search for the Social Media-Shy

 Networking has and remains today the best way to find your next position.  In the past, networking involved primarily lunches, business seminars, and holiday parties.  You met a person at some sort of social function or through a mutual acquaintance, called them for a meeting over drinks or a meal, took their suggestions as to […]

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