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Knowing Smart Answers To Tricky Interview Questions

While at an interview, you may just know what the next question would be. No matter how good you practice for the interview question you may be asked some tricky questions that you need to answer smartly to showcase your skill. A good and smart answer can make your career while a bad one can […]

How To Face a Blind Interview?

You are lucky if you know someone from the company that you are about to go for an interview, or even better if you know someone from the interview panel. However, this is a rare case for a lucky few. Most of the times, you just know the company name and the post that you […]

Is Telling Lies In An Interview, Good?

One of the biggest No’s when it comes to getting a job, is telling lies to your prospective employer. In most cases the lies get caught and you will end up losing the job. However, if your are fortunate enough to dupe them and get the job by telling lies then this may cause complications […]

Things That Can Annoy Potential Employers

Today’s job market is in a quite sorry shape and still there are more job seekers than there are job openings. Therefore it is highly important that you don’t annoy your potential employers. If you are wondering what I mean by that then read on to get it more clarified. Here are some things that […]

Tips to Tactically Responding to Inappropriate Interview Questions

Many times interviewees are put in a situation where they are asked inappropriate questions. These are basically the kind of questions that should rather not be asked during a professional interview. However, if you are ever put in a situation like this then you must know how to handle it tactfully. There are several federal, […]

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