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Economic Downturns and the Successful Employment Search: Tips and Tricks

One of the defining characteristics of an economic downturn is that there are people who are not comfortable at all with searching for a job competing for the few jobs that are available.  As such, the skills that are needed when the economy is doing well are different that those useful skills that help you […]

How To Face a Blind Interview?

You are lucky if you know someone from the company that you are about to go for an interview, or even better if you know someone from the interview panel. However, this is a rare case for a lucky few. Most of the times, you just know the company name and the post that you […]

The Staffing Industry

Staffing and the staffing industry as a whole have seen a tremendous change over the past 5-10 years in the way business is conducted between both clients and contractors.  Ten years ago the norm was to work directly with a client, build a relationship with the hiring manager or business owner, discover their employment needs, […]

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