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The Importance of Examining Company Websites When Job Searching

Individuals looking for jobs these days spent numerous hours surfing online job boards, or thumbing through their local newspaper.  While these are necessary in today’s job search, there is another tool that you should use in conjunction with job posting websites and local newspapers. That tool is a company website. In today’s society, which is […]

The Importance of a Professional Resume when Job Hunting

Are you currently looking for a job?  No matter what type of job you are applying for, whether you want to be a contractor, Healthcare professinal, Accountant, IT professional, a secretary, or a retail store manager, you will want to make a resume for yourself.  Your resume must have a professional appearance. Many people wonder […]

Is Applying to Companies that are Not Hiring a Wise Move or Not?

Are you in desperate need of a job?  A record number of people in today’s economy are.  If you are currently unemployed or if you truly think that your current job is making you “crazy,” you may be in need of that new job.  When searching for a new job, especially if you need one […]

The Staffing Industry

Staffing and the staffing industry as a whole have seen a tremendous change over the past 5-10 years in the way business is conducted between both clients and contractors.  Ten years ago the norm was to work directly with a client, build a relationship with the hiring manager or business owner, discover their employment needs, […]

Job Interviews: The Importance of Dressing for Success

Are you in the process of finding a new job?  If you are, your main focus right now may be on submitting your resume to all open and available positions.  This is important to do, but you also need to examine the next steps.  One of those steps involves attending job interviews.  As you likely […]

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