How to Find Career Fairs

How to find Career Fair's

Are you interested in applying for a new job, are you trying to find employment, or are you looking for a career change? If you are, you are advised to attend career fairs, as they are one of the best places to gather information on who is hiring, what type of jobs are available, and what type of qualifications are needed.  In fact, career fairs are also a great way to apply for jobs.  While career fairs are nice to attend, they can sometimes be difficult to find.

Before outlining exactly how you can go about finding career fairs, it is important that you first know exactly what they are. Career fairs are events that are almost always open to the general public and held in public locations, like shopping malls. Although career fairs can vary, most employer participants set up their own tables or booths.  These booths are often accompanied by printed information, brochures, or pictures about the company in question.  Each booth is often staffed with a couple of company representatives; representatives who are able to accept applications or resumes, as well as answer any questions that job seekers may have.

Now that you know what career fairs are, you may be wondering exactly how you can go about finding them.  When it comes to finding a career fair, one of the best things that you can do is keep your eyes and your ears open.  For instance, many of the career fairs that are hosted in shopping centers are advertised weeks or sometimes even months in advance. Since career fairs are commonly held in local shopping centers, you are advised to always be on the lookout for any career fair signs or banners.  If you are unable to visit your local shopping center or other public establishments, you can always trying calling them once a month or so to see if any career fairs are scheduled for the future.

Career fairs are often advertised in local newspapers as well. While information about a career fair may appear in different newspaper sections, it is common to find information about them in the employment section of a newspaper.  Although it isn’t as common as newspaper advertisements, many career fairs are also advertised online.  If you have access to any local business websites or message boards, you may be able to find information on an upcoming career fair.

Community boards are another way that career fair organizers go about advertising their upcoming career fairs.  Since most career fairs are planned months in advance, many organizers have the time to go around the neighborhood and hang-up signs.  Many career fairs are advertised on college campus community bulletin boards.  Businesses where those looking for work are likely to hang out may also have bulletin boards that may have information on available job openings or career fairs.  These types of businesses tend to include restaurants or coffee houses.

You are also advised to contact your local career center, which is sometimes referred to as a career counseling center. These types of centers are where you should be able to receive assistance with finding a job.  Most career centers are staffed with those who are educated on the art of finding, applying for, and landing a job.  If you do have a local career center in or around your community, they are often the first ones to know about an upcoming career fair. That is why it is advised that you contact your local career center to ask if they know about any upcoming career fairs.  If they do, be sure to get the important information, like when and where.

By keeping the above mentioned points in mind, you should be able to find and attend any career fairs that happen in or around your place of residence.  For the best chance of success, when attending a career fair, make sure that you bring multiple copies of your resume, dress for success, and be prepared for an onsite interview, because they do occasionally happen.

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