Selecting The Ten Hottest Careers

Most experts select the top ten careers for 2009 depending on the salary and the job satisfaction. Even though money is important to a man’s modern survival, it is not the most important factor to determine the ten hottest careers:

1. Video jockeying (VJs). This is one of the most popular jobs in the entertainment and television industry. Video Jockeys are also music authorities and are required to possess the updated information on the latest trends in music, videos, stars and other entertainment celebrities. This kind of job is appealing for teenagers and fresh graduates.

2. Fashion Designing. A career as a fashion designer is becoming trendy. It includes creating new designs to ride in with the fashion trends. Many huge fashion houses, hire many fashion designers and most of them are doing business almost in any part of the world.

3. Call Centers. A career as a call center agent offer wide array of opportunities for people who have not completed a degree but at least reached college level. This job is high-paying and the job is very easy. Most call centers provide benefits such as free transportation, meals and other rewarding benefits. This job is popular in India, Philippines and Singapore.

4. Pilot. A career as an airplane pilot is both rewarding and satisfying. Aside from the high salary, it will give a person a rare chance of traveling around the globe. This is a very competitive field and the money is always good. However, it is a job which needs high qualifications. One needs rigorous training in aviation, interpretation of weather reports, operation of complex controls and also a spirit for safety travel.

5. Biotechnologists. As many people go loco with organic food and health products. A career in biotechnology seems lucrative. There is a great scope for individuals in this career field as the demand increases worldwide. Most biotechnologists work in factories, processing plants, biology laboratories, government funded projects and private organizations.

6. Accountant. Accountants carry out a wide array of accounting, auditing, taxation, financial counseling and other activities for private or corporate services. Some accountants focus on tax matters of the government, such as auditing companies of its tax obligations to the state.

7. Interior decorators and Landscape artists. As more people grow richer, they tend to build or buy houses. Interior decorators and landscape artists both work with decorating spaces within rooms, buildings, or gardens, show parks and other places. The advantage in this career is you have your own time if you are working on a freelance basis.

8. Wedding planner/Bridal Consultant. Wedding planners and bridal consultants are individual professionals who are trained to see to the very specific and delicate details during a wedding. These people are experts in managing every need of the bride and groom from the planning process to reception. The demand is growing as people want their wedding day as perfect as possible.

9. Mental Health Counselors. These professionals help people deal with substance abuse, suicidal tendencies, stress management, boosting self-esteem and self confidence, wedding counseling and other issues affecting the mental and emotional health of an individual and of the family.

10. Marriage counselors. These people provide support, guidance, treatment, rehabilitation, cure, treatment and instruction to couples who have found their marriage in a failing state. They are well-trained in conflict resolution and management. As the divorce and annulment rate increases, this career has an increasing demand.

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