Ten Hottest Careers For Travel Lovers

Here is the list of the top ten hottest careers for individuals who love to get paid while they are on a travel trip. After all, who doesn’t want to get paid while having a lovely cruise in the Bahamas?

1. Pilot

Whether for a commercial airline or the government air force, pilots are envied because they can travel across the globe almost every day and the salary is one of the best paying jobs today.

2. International Chef

If you have a nice talent for creating palatable dishes from different countries of the world, you can have a chance to expose your food creations through the help of international restaurants who loves to exchange their chefs for a bit of exploration and exchange of knowledge and skills.

3. International Journalist

There is no better career like an international journalist. You can visit interesting places, know different people, and at home, you are still being issued a paycheck. The best way to jump in this career is to enroll in a journalism class that offer international internship programs after your graduation. Most journalism schools in the United States offer this option.

4. Travel Journalist

Well, this is slightly similar to a career as an international journalist but this job is safer and lovelier. Your travel editor will never send you to Iraq or Afghanistan to write an article promoting a new travel park.

5. Military

In the military, you can be assigned to different camps and bases that your country is associated with. However, this is not safe but extremely exotic and exciting. Also the armed services provide outstanding trainings on different locations.

6. English Teacher

For individuals who are native speakers or at least have an outstanding command of the language, they are privileged. You can find a successful career with ESL program or English as a Second Language in different countries around the world wherein English is not a primary language. Currently, there is a great demand for English teachers in Korea, Singapore, Japan and China.

7. Foreign Service

You can also pursue a degree in international studies and seek a career with foreign embassies. A career as personnel of an embassy is rewarding and brings honor as a dignitary in a foreign state.

8. NGOs (Non-Government Organizations)

If you have that moving drive to change the world or simply want to travel while changing the world, why not jump into an NGO or a charity which is operating around the globe? In this career, there are numerous career opportunities for travel lovers and the free-spirit. Whether you are very knowledgeable in peace policies, conflict resolution, or humanitarian works, NGOs can help you.

The best way to get started is checking online sources which will provide you with different names and information of NGOs established throughout the United States. Also, you can seek employment in the United Nations headquarters in New York City and move to the ladder until you are promoted to a staff that can travel.

9. International Business Executive

Whether a CEO or a Vice President, being the top dog of a multi-national company has its benefits and luxurious fringes, you could be signing a 300 million-dollar partnership in India or visiting a branch in Guangdong.

10. Spy

Well, as a spy or a secret agent you can visit different locations such as underground London or a forest headquarters of artillery in Chile. But this job is dangerous although it is very rewarding.

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