Ten Hottest Careers In Science

People who are very good in science would be very glad to know that most careers in the science field are both rewarding and satisfying in terms of remuneration and work satisfaction.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS predicts that the number of career opportunities in the science field will grow faster than in previous years. Jobs in environmental science, astronomy and space exploration will be in demand. However, to be able to qualify in a science career one should have analytical skills and a large amount of education and years of experience.

Most science jobs would require you to have at least a bachelor’s degree, while the top science jobs are only filled in by individuals with master’s or doctorate degrees. Fortunately, this rigorous work is very rewarding as the minimum starting salary for most science jobs is about $50,000.

Are you ready for a career in science? Well, take a look at our top ten:

1. Astronomers.
These guys study the properties and behaviors of stars, planets, and other things that you can find in the universe. Average annual salary is $100,000.

2. Materials Scientists.
Materials scientists conduct research to learn the properties, characteristics and composition of natural and artificial materials so that they can enhance these things or develop new ones to be used in everyday purposes. Average annual salary is $75,000.

3. Medical scientists
Medical scientists conduct research on human diseases to provide necessary information to devise practical solutions to human health diseases. These results include vaccines and medicated drugs. Medical scientists can also perform clinical investigations, transcription, drug examination and technical writing. A doctorate degree in biology is very necessary to fill the post. Average annual salary is $90,000

4. Physicists
Physical scientists or physicists study the components of matter and motion. Their study includes the origin of the universe, practical science tools and different things about physical aspects of the world. The average annual salary is $95,000.

5. Hydrologists
Hydrologists are also called water scientists. They study different types of bodies of water and water formations such as rainfall and icecaps throughout the globe. Their study helps people and other scientists, governments and private organizations to understand the important factors played by the earth’s water supply. The average annual salary is $70,000.

6. Atmospheric scientists
Atmospheric scientists or weather scientists monitor the movements of the atmosphere to know it’s crucial role in the environmental cycles and the everyday living of people. This career is very in demand today as global warming is a very hot issue in the scientific community. The average annual salary is $77,000.

7. Biologists
Biologists mainly conduct research studies to observe and take a closer look into all forms of living organisms to better understand the delicate complexity of life. The average annual salary is $77,000.

8. Ecologists
Ecologists or environmental scientists conduct studies on issue relating to environment, natural resources, and the interaction of plants, animals and humans. They use their observations to widen our knowledge about environmental issues such as the feared global warming. The average annual salary is $60,000.

9. Geologists
Geologists study the components of the Earth to better understand its origin and its transformation since the beginning. The average annual salary is $73,000

10. Biochemists
This kind of scientists observes the chemical makeup of life. The annual average salary is $77,000.

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