Some Hidden Job Search Resources

If you’re looking for a job in today’s tight economy and tough job market, you want to be sure you’re taking advantage of all the job search resources that are available to you.  Overlooking some resources or areas for your job search isn’t going to help you find all the job opportunities that are out there, and your competition for those jobs is just going to be that much worse.  And other applicants might be taking advantage of those job search resources, taking your job from you!  If they know where and how to find those jobs, you need to know the same thing.  So what and where are those hidden job search resources and how can you be sure you’re taking advantage of them?

Many hidden job search resources can be found online; you simply need to know how to find them.  When doing an online job search, don’t just type in “jobs” to your search engine.  Instead, use specific words to describe those jobs such as “accounting jobs” or “retail sales jobs.”  Very often different fields or industries have specific job boards they use to advertise open positions, and when you use these terms in your search you’ll find those boards that much easier.  These boards are great job search resources because they may also offer articles with tips and suggestions that are specific for your search or your industry.  They may talk about what employers are looking for or may even suggest the cities where there is job growth.  This is very good for anyone that has a specific skill set that might be underutilized in one area but needed in another.  So take some time to hunt online for these job search resources and then take the time to really browse everything they offer by way of suggestions and information.

Remember that your friends and family can also be considered as job search resources.  Many jobs are found through nothing more than word of mouth, so don’t hesitate to talk to your friends, family, other members of your religious group, people you meet at the gym, or others you know from night classes or wherever else.  They may know of a hiring manager at a company or of a position that’s not advertised anywhere else.  Think of them as hidden job search resources and don’t hesitate to mention that you’re looking for a job, your skills, and so on.

Other hidden job search resources can be found at a company’s website itself.  If you go to a company’s website you can usually find a place where jobs are advertised and they may also tell you what they’re looking for by way of skills and experience.  If you still have a job now, check out your own company’s website as there may be vacancies in areas you hadn’t imagined.  Don’t ignore your own human resources department as well; they may have hidden job search resources for employees exiting the company and may be able to help you.

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