You’re Job Search for Employment in New Fields

When changing fields, the first thing you’ll want to do once you’ve decided which direction to go, is refine your job search.  Employment is very commonly found most quickly by those who really have a good idea what they want to do.  Of course, there are many nuances that can be decided upon when sorting through the first results of a well-conducted job search. 

Employment in a radically new field that is new to you is most often an exercise in really getting a good idea of what makes you happy in the workplace, balanced against what you’re good at.  This often means putting together a rather lengthy list of each, as well as any ideas you have about what sort of job might appeal to you. 

Next, you’ll need to decide whether you’re willing to take pay or benefit cuts to make the career change happen.  As bold as you may be in your these sorts of lists are often illuminating when you’re very honest about what you enjoy and would actually like to do on a daily basis.  Often your job search is best guided by what you feel passionate about rather than what you think you’ve got a good chance at.  If you’re going to make your dreams of a career change come true, having a good reason to stick to your guns will make you that much more attractive to potential employers who might be willing to take a chance on you, especially if your career shift is a radical one.

By modifying the criteria of your job search, employment can take an unexpected and often enjoyable turn that open minded job seekers who are looking to expand their professional repertoire.  If you really are interested in finding a new profession based upon your likes and dislikes, you will need to be open-minded about taking jobs that might initially seem as if they have nothing to do with your skills and experience. 

Moreover, doing your initial work on line, you can use the information gained from such an exercise to get a better idea of which direction to take your local job search.  Employment searches that assume the generally more fruitful personally tailored approach that one would use for any job hunt.

Indeed, one often does better to send a well thought out cover letter that details what you can do for a given organization than to simply apply for help wanted ads where you’ll be competing for attention in a sea of applicants.  This approach has the advantage of making the job search/ employment process one that you’re much more fully in control of, even as a seeker.

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