No Experience? How to Find Entry Level Jobs

Finding jobs today is very difficult, and for those who have little or no experience it can be that much harder.  But there are still some entry level jobs out there to be found, if you know where to look and how to land a job once you find it.

For one thing, remember that many entry level jobs appeal to students and those just out of school.  So checking out college campuses and their websites can be helpful as many employers with entry level jobs are posting where students can find those ads.  Do an internet search for local colleges and universities and then check out their websites and chances are you’ll find job postings listed there, many of which require little or no experience.

It’s also good to consider that many entry level jobs aren’t very glamorous and may not pay as much, but are still steady work that you can have while you build up your resume and continue to look for other work.  Working at a retail store, coffee shop, or doing some filing in an office might not be your idea of a dream job but it can mean experience that you can soon put on your resume and which can lead to something else for you.  You also don’t want to ignore any entry level jobs available because they can sometimes lead to other positions which may be open to you only because you already work for a particular company.  If you work behind the counter of a retail store you may find that you can learn about purchasing or management and soon are eligible for a promotion.  Many people who now work in management or another spot got their start through these types of entry level jobs and simply worked their way up from there.

Sometimes too you need to actually ask companies if they have entry level jobs available.  You can find the name and contact information of the hiring manager and send in a letter of interest.  Outline your skills and mention what positive personality traits you have as well.  You might also have more experience that can be used toward entry level jobs than you may imagine.  For instance, organizing a bake sale for a local school shows teamwork and planning abilities.  If you’ve done babysitting, this can translate into solid leadership abilities and the fact that you’re a responsible person.  Volunteer work also makes up for a lack of experience.  Don’t hesitate to mention these things when applying for entry level jobs.

It also helps to be as skilled and educated as possible.  Take some computer and typing classes at your local adult education center or school.  Sometimes being up to date with computer skills can make up for experience when applying for entry level jobs.  And remember, you only need to land that one job before you have actual experience in the work world that you can then use for your next job search.

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