How to Make Your Own Job Opening!

If you’re searching for a job today, you certainly are not alone.  Many people are finding themselves out of work and the market is very competitive and tough to navigate.  Unfortunately for every job opening there is, there are literally hundreds of applicants that reach out for it.  This can be discouraging to someone that is out of work as it seems as if an opening is swamped with other applicants before you can even get a chance to put in your own application or resume.  However in today’s tough job market the best thing to do might be to consider making your own job opening.  What do we mean by that?

Many people that are out of work are finding that it’s very advantageous to start their own company or to become self-employed.  This might mean doing something like office cleaning, house cleaning, babysitting or daycare, landscaping, snow shoveling, or catering.  When you consider starting your own company for these things you’re making your own job opening and aren’t relying on a corporation or company to have an opening for you.  It also means that you’re responsible for each and every client and customer that you get.  If you build up enough of a client list you may find that your new business venture is just as profitable as any job you had in the past.  By making your own job opening this way you may be in a better position financially than you ever were.

Of course when you make up your own job opening this way you still need to work hard to get and to keep those customers and clients.  If you clean or do snow clearing you’ll need to work hard during every visit so that your customer keeps you as their service provider.  You also need to be receptive if they have problems or concerns and be willing to work toward a resolution, just as you would when working for another corporation.  Remember, just having a job opening is only half the battle.  Keeping any job once you have it is going to require effort, and this means when you’re self-employed or in business for yourself.

And when you want to make a job opening for yourself in this way you need to be sure that you’re complying with any legal requirements there might be for your chosen line of work.  Sometimes you need to get a license or be bonded or will need insurance for being self-employed.  You can’t simply create a job opening without being informed of these things and complying with the legal requirements as this might hurt you more in the long run.  Usually your state’s website will have these regulations outlined for you, as well as having instructions on how to get certain licenses and so on.  But if you’re industrious and work hard, you can usually have great success with making up your own job opening and with being successful after you get your own clients as well.

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