Some Places to Help With Your Entry Level Job Search

If you’re searching for a job, you may have already noticed that most positions require a certain level of experience.  But how can you get experience in the first place if you can’t get a job in the first place?  An entry level job search has its own problems and challenges, but there are some things you can to help yourself in this area.  There are some places that can help specifically with an entry level job search and some places where you can find positions where you don’t need experience.

You might want to start your entry level job search at a local college or university.  It used to be that many colleges would have a corkboard where employers could post jobs for the students or recent graduates, but now of course everything is done online.  Find the websites of local schools and see if they have jobs posted there.  They won’t always require a degree as some are meant for those still in school and of course they won’t require extensive experience as students typically don’t have that anyway.  A college or university is the perfect place to start your entry level job search and be sure to keep checking back as often as possible as their jobs get updated constantly.

Another place to try an entry level job search is through your state’s website.  Most have departments that are designed specifically for finding people jobs, and this means people of all levels of experience.  Your local unemployment office can typically help you with your job search as well; they can show you how to use this site and in many cases can also help with preparing  a resume and over letter.  This means too for those who don’t have experience and who are conducting an entry level job search.  They know that many people are just starting out with their job search or haven’t worked in a number of years and so need to start over again, so to speak.  Don’t hesitate to talk to any of these people that work at these sites and ask for help.

You can also take full advantage of classes that are offered at your state’s unemployment office or as adult education classes; this can help with your entry level job search because more education can help to make up for a lack of experience.  An employer may appreciate a certain skill you have that another candidate doesn’t have, even though they have more experience.  Recent education in certain computer programs can also be appreciated since many programs change or get updated frequently, so knowledge of the latest applications and changes can help tremendously in your entry level job search.  If you can’t afford schooling right now, check out free classes through your state or local high school or continuing education office.  Some offer classes that are also very affordable, so it pays to check them out and see what you can participate in.

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