Making the Best of a Career Change

Facing a career change is never easy but it is one of the most common events of the adult working life. Companies come and go, merge and downsize on a consistent basis requiring employees to go with the tide of change or be left behind. It is hardly uncommon for an individual to start out in one career and find him or herself training for another to meet the needs of their new position. Many enjoy meeting the challenge, especially when it means an increased earning potential. At the same time, there are those who like the career they have and do not yearn for any type of career change.

Everyone has heard of the career change that comes about after spending years in an industry that no longer provides the satisfaction that it used to. While some have a tendency to try and stick it out with their profession, others eventually get to a point where something has to change or else. This is when it is time to consult a career counselor and devise a plan of action. With technology constantly evolving at lightning speeds, many have also faced a career change when their current occupation became outmoded or terminated. This type of career change can be the hardest, especially when an individual was not expecting to alter their work life any time soon.

Whatever the reason, there are a great number of resources to help individuals with their career change. Because of the trend of large company layoffs, many counselors are well trained to deal with those facing career changes at any age, for any reason. A career counselor typically helps an individual decide if they want to get into a new industry; and if so, they help provide information on possible choices. They can also provide in depth information on careers as far as daily duties, salaries and educational requirements. Arranging for temporary employment in a number of work settings can give clients a better idea of their new career choices.

When an individual goes from one career change to another, it is usually because they are not making informed decisions; rather they are choosing careers based on a fantasy. While some careers can seem prestigious or exciting, one must always remember there is more going on behind the scenes than what is presented. No matter what one sees on TV, it can take years of education and experience to procure a job as a police detective or neurosurgeon. More often than not, glamorous professions also require their share of paperwork.

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