Some Tips to Help With Your Online Job Search

If you’re looking for work right now then of course you’re probably conducting some type of online job search.  Most employers today appreciate having resumes and correspondence sent to them through email and of course respond the same way.  This cuts down on the amount of paper that’s in front of them and is also much more convenient than constant phone calls.  Most employers also expect an online job search because they will often post jobs on their own company website and forego using job boards like monster or Craigslist. 

When looking for a job, here are some important tips that can really help with your online job search.  As said, many employers post jobs on their own websites and skip the online job boards.  Look for companies in your area by doing a local search and then visit their websites.  Make sure you keep track of any where you’ve applied for a job; while they often have you create a log-in I.D. and will keep track of applications you’ve done, you may have some where you mail in a resume.  You don’t want to duplicate any applications during your online job search so keep a record of where you’ve applied.

Also, be sure to search not just for job boards but for those that are specific to your industry during your online job search.  Instead of just typing in “job openings” you can try “accounting jobs” or “purchasing jobs.”  Many companies use these specific boards so that they can get a better selection of more qualified candidates.  You might be surprised at what you find when you expand your online job search to include these field-specific words and terms!

Remember too that even though you’re conducting an online job search, you don’t want to act as if you’re text messaging or emailing a friend.  Avoid those cute text message abbreviations and don’t be overly familiar when addressing a hiring manager or interviewer.  It’s still appropriate to use Dear Sir or Dear Ma’am, and to sign your email correspondence with a Sincerely followed by your name.  Acting as if your online job search is a correspondence between friends is a huge mistake and can cost you some interviews.  Act as if that correspondence is written and ready to be mailed to an interviewer and stay professional.

You might also want to remember during your online job search that your resume format might not stay with the document.  Make sure your margins are at least one inch around as they will shift when someone else opens the document.  Don’t use strange fonts as their computer might not have it; stick with Times New Roman and Arial or Verdana.  Some even turn their resume into a PDF document for their online job search.  This isn’t always necessary but can be helpful.  If you remember to be professional during this time and expand your options, you’re bound to be successful and finally find that dream job!

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