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Tips on Using Your Warm Contact List When Networking

When you are searching for a job, aside from checking the ads in newspapers, internet and bulletin boards, it is also very helpful to ask for information from the people on your warm contact list. They can provide you with up-to-date information on the company and position vacancies that are not posted on job ads.  […]

Job Search Tips for Sales Professionals

Each specific industry has a variety of requirements that an employee has to meet. In searching for jobs as sales professionals, how do you prepare for a competitive environment? Here are useful tips you could perform in searching the appropriate job and acing the interview. 1) Research: In order to be prepared on your interview, […]

How to Get Referrals from Warm Contacts

You may find it hard to use networking to find a job if you can’t rely on your warm contacts to give you the information you need.  At times, you would have to ask your warm contacts to refer you to at least two people that they know who will be able to give you […]

Why Small Organizations Mean Big Business

In the  movie “You’ve Got Mail”, the sub-plot aside from the love angle is that the heroine (played by Meg Ryan)  was forced out of business when the big-time bookstore owner (played by Tom Hanks) moved into town. Meg’s character owned a quaint little bookstore which she inherited from her mother. Although the prices of […]

How To Face a Blind Interview?

You are lucky if you know someone from the company that you are about to go for an interview, or even better if you know someone from the interview panel. However, this is a rare case for a lucky few. Most of the times, you just know the company name and the post that you […]

Important Questions That You Must Ask Your Interviewer

An interview is mostly about the interviewers asking questions to you. However, sometimes it becomes necessary for you to ask questions to the interviewers. It helps in striking a conversation and getting to know more about the expectations of the employer and the need f the company. Some of the important questions that you must […]

Setting Clear Objectives

To achieve a goal, there is a process that you should implement.  This process is to streamline and analyze your objectives, and this process can be very helpful when searcing for a new job.  Begin at the very beginning at the smallest, specific part.  These are the most important steps to take to meet the […]

Things That Can Annoy Potential Employers

Today’s job market is in a quite sorry shape and still there are more job seekers than there are job openings. Therefore it is highly important that you don’t annoy your potential employers. If you are wondering what I mean by that then read on to get it more clarified. Here are some things that […]

Tips to Tactically Responding to Inappropriate Interview Questions

Many times interviewees are put in a situation where they are asked inappropriate questions. These are basically the kind of questions that should rather not be asked during a professional interview. However, if you are ever put in a situation like this then you must know how to handle it tactfully. There are several federal, […]

Job Hunting Tips

Are you a fresh graduate and planning to look for a job? Did you just recently quit your job and are looking for greener pastures? Are you unemployed and have little experience regarding ways to secure a job? Whatever your situation may be, it would be to your advantage to study the following tips: Check […]

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