The Staffing Industry

Staffing and the staffing industry as a whole have seen a tremendous change over the past 5-10 years in the way business is conducted between both clients and contractors.  Ten years ago the norm was to work directly with a client, build a relationship with the hiring manager or business owner, discover their employment needs, and deliver at least three highly skilled candidates who had been vetted, screened, tested, and otherwise proven their technical and personal skills to the agency that would represent them.  The company would then charge an independent fee for each candidate and negotiate the best rate possible for themselves.  The change occurred with the introduction of Vendor Management Systems or VMS’s.

Vendor Management Systems set a specific amount of money an agency can markup a candidates pay, and the length of the contracts before a person can become a permanent employee.  This “automated” process has become standard throughout many industries:  Healthcare and Medical fields, Technology, Finance, Accounting, and many more.  Many staffing companies were slow to embrace this new “automated” process, but not Avery Partners.  Avery Partners saw this as the great equalizer, because there would still be interaction with hiring managers and candidates, but all other things being equal, it would come down to the company who treated people on both sides the best.  The evidence of this success can be seen immediately when looking at work done between Avery Partners and Xerox.  Avery Partners has employed hundreds of people with Xerox, and continues to have several hundred openings throughout the country at any and all times with Xerox and several other top notch companies.

Technology will continue to streamline processes and speed the pace of life, but Avery Partners knows that human interaction is how we will separate ourselves in the future, not just in staffing, but in life as a whole!

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