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Writing A Resume Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

One of the major concerns that most people have is how to actually begin writing a resume and how to make it look professional, concise and attractive without leaving out something important. There are some easy and simple strategies to use when writing a resume to avoid many common mistakes and blunders. Some of the […]

What you need to know when dealing with Executive Recruitment

Executive recruitment is not just an effort made by the recruiting consultant. The client contributes as much to the recruitment process. There are varying results of recruitment depending on the timing and/or need. Some executive recruitment processes may complete faster than others while other comprehensive searches would take more than 2 months until a candidate […]

10 Tips For Writing A Good Resume

Writing a good resume takes time, patience and a willingness to revise, rework and edit. There are also ten basic tips for writing a good resume that are simple, easy to follow and important in the final product. By following these ten tips for writing a good resume you can be assured that your resume […]

Choosing A Resume Writing Format

Selecting the right resume writing format for your professional resume is often challenging, especially when you are not sure the various options that are available. Many people use the templates that are found already loaded in most word processing or office programs, and while they may be acceptable they are rarely exactly what you want, […]

Six Things to Avoid While Facing An Interview

Sometimes an interview can be all to change your fate and career for the best. Therefore, it is important that you attend every interview with enthusiasm and the right attitude. To optimize your chances to be successful, remember to avoid the following things while facing an interview. The first thing to avoid is being un-prepared […]

Why Should You Never Complain In An Interview?

While you are in an interview session with an employer, one of the most tempting mistakes to avoid is complaining about your former company or boss. No matter how bad your former boss was, or how much you hated your earlier job, it is important that you avoid mentioning this during your interview as this […]

Important Questions That You Must Ask Your Interviewer

An interview is mostly about the interviewers asking questions to you. However, sometimes it becomes necessary for you to ask questions to the interviewers. It helps in striking a conversation and getting to know more about the expectations of the employer and the need f the company. Some of the important questions that you must […]

Screening Software Sucks – but you don’t have to.

An Avery Partners Blog Post Ryan Gemmill Last week David Wessel at the Wall Street Journal sent shockwaves through the HR and Recruiting industries with his article on resume screening software entitled Software Raises the Bar for Hiring. It’s reproduced below. It is likely one of the first actually constructive piece from mainstream media for […]

Resume Writing Tips For High School Students

Writing your first resume as a high school graduate is sometimes a very challenging activity, not because a high school student can’t write a great resume but simply because there is little work information or educational information to put on the application. A few simple resume writing tips can help any resume look more polished, […]

Information On Resume Writing For Returning Workers

Many people find that throughout their lives unforeseen or planned events happen that pull them out of the workforce for short or long periods of time. Often resume writing for returning workers seems very problematic simply because there is a small or large gap in the work timeline detailed in the resume. Many people are […]

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