Don’t Overlook These Job Search Websites

Looking for a job today is serious business.  It’s very tough out there and any job you find will probably have literally hundreds of applicants vying for it.  This means you need to be sure that you’re responding to as many jobs as you can possibly find in order to improve your odds!  To this end it’s important that you use as many job search websites as there are.  Unfortunately many applicants concentrate only on the major sites such as and and overlook literally dozens of other resources available.  So where are these elusive job search websites and how can you be sure that you’re using them to your fullest advantage?

Many job search websites are geared specifically toward certain fields or career choices.  For instance if you work in accounting your online job search should include the word accounting in your hunt.  The same goes for nursing, medical, child care, engineering, manufacturing, and any other field you may choose.  If you include a word or two regarding your industry you’ll find many more job search websites that are designed specifically for you.  These sites might also lead you to companies hiring in your particular field, some of which only use these sites or which may redirect you to their own website in order to apply for jobs.  Using industry specific job search websites means that they will get fewer mass responses and generic resumes, which also means they may not even be posting their ads on those other sites such as and!

You might even find listings of job search websites in industry specific magazines.  For example, automotive jobs and sites might be listed in magazines about cars, architectural jobs might be listed in magazines about homes and design, and so on.  If you get any of these magazines, be sure to check the back section where they usually have classified ads and may also list job search websites.  Even magazines like Discover and Scientific American have jobs listed in the science and technology industries and fields.  If you don’t subscribe to magazines in your industry, you might consider going to the bookstore to pick up some or even checking their own website to see if they have their classifieds listed online as well.  They may not be thought of as job search websites but this might lead to some jobs that your competition doesn’t know about, so check them out!

To really find the most job search websites you’ll need to set aside time to really search the internet.  Just glancing at the first few sites that you find won’t be enough.  And when you do find those job search websites, make sure your browse them thoroughly and read the articles they usually have posted.  Many can tell you how to update your resume, how to handle interviews, and things such as these.  The more help you get during your job search, the better it will be for you!

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