Little Known Places to Find Jobs

Even in today’s tough economic times, there are still jobs to be found.  Unfortunately these positions won’t appeal to everyone as they may require certain skills that many people don’t have, but even without an advanced education or skills you can still find employment – if you know where to look.  Let’s talk about some little known places where you can look for jobs; be sure you’re taking full advantage of these resources in order to secure employment.  Remember, your competition will be looking at these places so you need to be sure you’re checking them out as well!

First, remember that your state probably has a department that is designed specifically to find people jobs.  This might be the Department of Health and Human Services or something else, but usually if you visit your state’s website you can easily find where they have these jobs posted.  Many employers prefer to use the state’s site because in a lot of cases it’s free for them to post their ads.  They even typically post skilled positions and executive slots as well, so don’t overlook this area regardless of the type of work you do or amount of experience you have.

You can also find jobs online at sites that you might not have imagined.  For example, Craigslist has a section for employment of all sorts.  You may not find a CEO position advertised there but you can find many opportunities.  If you’re looking for something to help you out in the interim, you may find many local jobs advertised where you can find temporary employment to get you through this time.  Remember that sites like these are updated just about every day, so be sure to keep checking back as often as possible.

When searching for jobs, remember too that you can check out a company’s website itself.  Many companies post their openings on their own website and no place else, assuming that job hunters will look for these spots as opposed to going out and looking for the candidates.  Find local companies for which you’d like to work and browse their website.  Remember to look at all the jobs offered as you never know what might catch your eye.  If you’re looking for an accounting position, you might find something in purchasing or human resources.  You might also find something that you can work temporarily while you search for a better position for yourself.

Sometimes you can also find jobs advertised on a college or university website.  Often these are entry level positions meant for those in school or those who have just graduated, but they may also work for you.  It used to be that schools would have an old-fashioned corkboard where employers could post jobs but now they use the internet just like everyone else.  Check local colleges and universities, and this means community colleges as well.  Keep your eyes open at all these places and remember to keep checking back regularly and you’ll be sure to find your spot!

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