Part Time Employment Job Searching for Adults

Many people are under the impression that part-time jobs are fit only for college students and teenage employment.  Job search results from typical part time searches yield results that are less than satisfactory for a grown-up with years of experience, who just happens to want to work part time.  Often, people have to be rather flexible in their expectations if they want the freedom of less than part time employment in something other than the service sector or Temporary Agency employment.

Job searches should begin in your nearby area when looking to work part time.  If you’re not going to be gone for an 8-hour stretch, it makes less sense to spend the money on transportation, especially if it’s a long distance.  Ideally, one can find something they’ll enjoy nearby or on a public transit line.

Often the best way to get local, part time employment is to actually go out and inquire about jobs at places you think you might like to work at.  For those who do want to work in retail or manufacturing or just about any non-professional line of work, just knowing your stuff and looking reasonably clean when you go in to inquire can easily result in a job offer, even if there wasn’t one already in the works.  In the case of part time employment, job searches that involve face to face interaction very often have a lot more impact.

Of course, it’s good to send your resume off, too.  Finding out just where to send may not be as complicated as you think, however.  You can broadcast your resume out there accompanied by a letter that details just what sort of good employee you are and what you have to offer in potential employment. 

Job searches, when you know just what industry you want to work for, can be accomplished with just such a well-composed introduction letter, flawless resume and a nice long list of potential employers.  Industry trade magazines and trade shows are often a good place to check for such a list, even if you have to compile it yourself.

Even if your skill set is very unique, you can always approach individuals with a proposal for employment.  Job searches that craft your skills to fit a need you see as outstanding can result in exactly the job you want to do, since you’ll be outlining the parameters of it.  Be sure you propose to set out parameters that your potential employer can measure your success by when it comes time to review your performance.

Getting a part time job for real, mid-career adults (and the corresponding salary) is often a matter of convincing someone you’re worth the bother of having around on your own time.

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