The Job versus Career Debate

Many wonder what the difference is between a job and a career. Some would say that they are basically the same thing; after all, they are both venues in which a person generates an income. However, while a job is something an individual does to earn money it rarely involves any type of planning. One can apply for a job at a burger joint but few would consider that to truly be a career. When it comes to a career, there is typically an amount of groundwork or education. It more or less expresses the true skills of an individual; whereas a job tends to be a one size fits all income producer.

To prepare for a career, one will generally need to obtain a degree or special certification. This can be accomplished by attending a college or vocational school. Depending on the line of work, one may prepare for a year or seven years getting the right training. Those who opt for a certain vocation often tend to have firm goals in life they wish to make a reality. They may have a certain type of life or lifestyle they wish to lead that a simple job cannot provide. They can also have very strong abilities and talents that are unique and cannot be utilized anywhere other than in a specific career.

Once an individual launches into his or her career, they can be required to devote a certain amount of time honing their skills to solidify their profession. They may attend courses or seminars to further enhance their expertise or knowledge. Some professions require learning new systems or procedures from time to time. This can increase not only skill level but prestige and even earning power. While a job can provide the occasional training and raise, there may or may not be room for advancement. Even if there is, jobs rarely concern themselves with whether or not the individual’s best skills are being utilized.

While it is easy to achieve the goal of bringing in an income, those who have a career accomplish this by doing what suits them best. It is no secret that when individual skills are recognized and put to use, people tend to love their occupation much more. They are more likely to refer to it as their livelihood and identify who they are with what they do. Those with jobs tend to become less satisfied over time because their true gifts and abilities are not being utilized. These are the individuals who end up chucking their jobs in order to go out and train for a career.

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