Kickstart the Search with a Career Quiz

While some are blessed enough to know just what they want to do for a living, others are not so sure. Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions of an individual’s life and is not something to be taken lightly. However, for a number of reasons simply choosing a career can sometimes be agonizing. One resource that can kickstart the search for the right profession is a career quiz. This type of assessment is used to point out what vocations might be a best bet for an individual. Although it is often called a quiz or a test, there are actually no correct answers as it is more of a measurement of one’s dominant character traits.

A career quiz can easily be found online or through other resources such as career centers. While they cannot delineate a specific career that will be most suitable for an individual, they can help narrow the field to either a type of profession or an industry. A career quiz is something that allows a person to read broad, general statements and mark whether it is something they agree or disagree with. For example, one can mark whether they agree or disagree with the statement that working alone is better than working in groups. In some cases, quizzes allow a range of answers from very inaccurate to neutral to vary accurate.

In the end, the answers from a career quiz are tallied giving a summary of the test results. Sometimes a career quiz will break down into categories such as introvert or extrovert and thinking or feeling. Others will explain a system of personality traits, occupational styles and how a person is likely to perform their job responsibilities. A general list of viable professions are also given allowing an individual to see which, if any, might be of interest. Those interested in a particular industry such as the medical field can take career quizzes that will point to which types of occupations they would best be suited for.

While some career quizzes are very general, others can be quite specific. For those who want a more in depth look at their options, a career quiz offered by a career counselor or career center may be more helpful. Professional career quizzes also exist online, though a fee may be involved. Different quizzes may yield somewhat different results but in general, the same vocations are likely to keep popping up. Once an individual has a good idea what professions they may be most suited for, they can begin researching career information for each option.

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