Is Telling Lies In An Interview, Good?

One of the biggest No’s when it comes to getting a job, is telling lies to your prospective employer. In most cases the lies get caught and you will end up losing the job. However, if your are fortunate enough to dupe them and get the job by telling lies then this may cause complications for you later during your career in the company. A little bit of lie, such as saying that you are sick is something excusable, but lying about your qualifications and experience is just not acceptable. No matter how tempted you feel to lie on this, this will come back to cause you sleepless nights. Sometimes, when people are desperately looking for a job, they tend to lie in the following ways:

Putting the name of a friend in the place of the previous employer, in the application form

Giving out wrong information about the qualification and experience, so that the background matches with the ‘desirable candidate checklist’

Making up in the qualification and education front

Saying lies about why you left your previous job. Especially in cases where you say that you resigned, but were actually removed

Giving wrong reference contacts

There is a little chance that the employers would be duped and the HR would be too lazy to do a background check. However, would you like to risk your entire career like this? This tough job market salutation, it may be quite tempting to tell a lie, but you need to understand that it may have bad consequences. Most of the times, the employers will get your references checked carefully before taking you in the job. A lie can spill water on all your hard work and preparation. Thus it is highly recommended that you abstain from any temptations to lie to your employer.ny temptations to lie to your employer.

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