Choosing A Resume Writing Format

Selecting the right resume writing format for your professional resume is often challenging, especially when you are not sure the various options that are available. Many people use the templates that are found already loaded in most word processing or office programs, and while they may be acceptable they are rarely exactly what you want, especially if you need to add sections, delete sections, or move parts of the resume.

The exact resume writing format is, believe it or not, really not that important as long as it is put together in a logical fashion, makes the information easy to read and understand, and provides a good balance of white space and text and information on the page. Many resume writers antagonize over which format looks better, whereas most resume readers are not as concerned with eye appeal, rather they want relevant information prominently displayed on the page in an easy to find fashion.

To get any idea of resume writing format options consider browsing around on the internet and looking at the various websites offering resume writing samples, free downloads for resumes or resume writing examples. While you may not find just the resume writing format you are looking for you may be able to identify elements of resumes that you would like to include on your resume. Keep in mind that the resume should flow together and be similar between sections. It should not change dramatically in style between one section and another.

According to resume writing professionals there are several problems that most resume writing format templates and examples all have in common. These problems are largely using too many different types of fonts, addition too many extras such as bolding, underlining and even italics, and using fonts that are too small or too decorative for easy reading. If you are considering a resume writing format that is on a template take a careful look at the various styles and fonts used and try to limit it to one font type, one or two font sizes and either bold, underlining or italics for emphasis and organization but not all three on the same resume.

The resume writing format you choose will likely say a bit about you to the employer as well. If you aren’t comfortable with the format you are using for your resume or if it just doesn’t seem like you, look around until you find one that matches your taste. You will be happy you found the right resume writing format in the long run.

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