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“How to Follow Up on All Contacts”

If you are still in the job search process, it is extremely important to follow up on all contacts. It is not good to just sit and wait for results to come pouring in when you think that you’ve already done your part because your contact information has been distributed. Consider two men applying for […]

How to Create a List of Warm Contacts

Usually when you are looking for a job, you would ask for help from family and friends.  You would contact these people to ask for information on current job openings, business opportunities and tips. Your family, relatives and friends belong to your warm contact list.  The warm contact list is the list of people with […]

Best Jobs

Employers have said that they are more likely to be 12 percent more graduates this year than last year. It is the first projected increase since the year 2000. In another study, a projected 60 percent of US business plan to employ the same number of graduates this year as with last year. That is […]

Searching for an Accounting Job

Accounting graduates, have broader choices and specific paths to follow with their careers. Accounting requires a lot of skills when it comes to business and that is why every company has an employee that is an accounting graduate. If you are an accounting graduate, you can apply in any kind of firm. Areas may include […]

Looking for Work? Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Retail Jobs!

What do you think about working in a store or behind a counter?  Do you assume those types of jobs are for kids or those with little education and experience?  It’s easy to dismiss retail jobs but in reality these can be great stepping stones to other careers and positions you may enjoy.  Sometimes people […]

Little Known Places to Find Jobs

Even in today’s tough economic times, there are still jobs to be found.  Unfortunately these positions won’t appeal to everyone as they may require certain skills that many people don’t have, but even without an advanced education or skills you can still find employment – if you know where to look.  Let’s talk about some […]

Don’t Overlook These Job Search Websites

Looking for a job today is serious business.  It’s very tough out there and any job you find will probably have literally hundreds of applicants vying for it.  This means you need to be sure that you’re responding to as many jobs as you can possibly find in order to improve your odds!  To this […]

Quick Tips for Using Job Search Sites

Obviously a lot of job hunting these days will need to be done online.  Even for employers who place a classified ad in a newspaper, the paper will probably post the ad on their website as well as in print.  So using job search sites is imperative for anyone out of work today, but when […]

Some Hidden Job Search Resources

If you’re looking for a job in today’s tight economy and tough job market, you want to be sure you’re taking advantage of all the job search resources that are available to you.  Overlooking some resources or areas for your job search isn’t going to help you find all the job opportunities that are out […]

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